Honoring a gift unlike any other

Sue J. Sword Heart Center Unveiling

Sue J. Sword with Board Members

Sue J. Sword with Hospital President & CEO Kerin A. Mase and two Marian Foundation Board Members, Jason Diani, and Denise Valente

When it comes to charitable giving throughout the Santa Maria Valley, there is simply no other name better recognized than that of Sue J. Sword.  

Sue has continued Captain Allan and Marian Hancock's local philanthropic leadership in the Santa Maria Valley.  In addition to furthering the Hancocks' tradition of charitable giving, Sue has also built her own legacy of philanthropy and volunteerism - all in order to boldly shape a better world.  

That is why the Marian Regional Medical Center is both excited and honored to name the Heart Center the Sue J. Sword Heart Center and formally unveiled it on November 9, 2017.  Through her special relationship with Marian, the medical center will be able to further advance the programs and services of the Heart Center.

Sue's friendship and legendary support of Marian Regional Medical Center is a special gift which will be forever treasured. 

If you have been touched by the remarkable kindness of Sue or have had a positive experience with the Heart Center, please consider making a gift in support of the Sue J. Sword Heart Center today by clicking here.

Sue J. Sword

Sue J. Sword, a true gift to the Santa Maria Valley

Sue J. Sword

Sue Sword, Kerin Mase, and Dr. Samir Bhatt 

Sue J. Sword with Cardiologists

Sue J. Sword with Heart Center physicians Luke Faber, Mark Ginkel, and Samir Bhatt

Dr. Samir Bhatt addressing the unveiling attendees