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The Legion of Marian

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With combined annual gifts from members of The Legion of Marian, a women's giving society, the gifts of many leverage a meaningful sum of money to advance the mission of Marian Regional Medical Center. Community members are invited to make an annual donation of $1,000 to gain Legion of Marian membership. Members vote on how their cumulative donation will be invested to benefit the hospital.

Members enjoy quarterly social gatherings coupled with program presentations. Annually, following the third quarterly meeting, members are asked to vote on their choice of support for one of the presented programs. The beneficiary program with the award-winning votes will be announced at a year-end celebration for members and their spouse/guest. Together, members have a voice in making our hospital a stronger facility to ensure that expert care is close, convenient and available when it’s needed most.

Review 2019 Program Presentations by clicking here.

The Legion of Marian Members (2019-2020)

Amy Adam

Debbie Adam

Hala Adam

Sue Andersen


Diane Beebe

Yvonne Biely

Tricia Bouquet

Jessa Brooks

Lorena Chavez

Rosanne Cisney

Jo Ann Costa

Allison Cova

Marie Cova

Lynn DellaCroce

Taylor Diani

Teresa Diani

Ethel Donati

Jackie Donovan

Traci Ferini

Donna France

Judy Frost

Judy Galloway

Joy Griffin

Angelica Gutierrez

Carol Hebard

Blanche Hollingsead Fugate

Kim Jeffers Founding Member

Dottie Lyons

Bertha Merrill

Mary Michael

Patrice Mosby


Jennifer Murray

Elva Nava


Helen Rose

Cristina Martins Sinco

Vonnie Armstrong-Stewart

Sammi Stollberg

Kathleen Sullivan

Carol Tognazzini

Denise Valente

Janeen Wesner Charter Member

Lisa Wesner Charter Member