Philanthropy Fuels Innovation

Fiscal Year 2014 Funding Outcomes

Marian Regional Medical Center is proud to share that for fiscal year 2014, the Marian Foundation funded a record of $3.28 million in program and service needs for Marian patients and families for a non-capital campaign year.

Equipment and Technology $640,000
New technology to enhance patient care  
Neuroscience: O-Arm $495,000
Breast Cancer Program: Faxitron $145,000
Heart Center Expansion Project $625,524
Cardiact Catheterization Lab Equipment  
Cornerstone Campaign $557,447
Family Medicine Residency Program $375,670
Robotic Surgery Program $357,000
Pacific Health Centers of the Central Coast $250,000
Da Vinci Surgical Machine Operator Cancer Care Services $164,480
Patient Simulation Laboratory $105,773
Osteoporosis Program $70,000
Home Health and Hospice $40,000
Other Marian Programs $89,106