Dan and Peggy BloughJay Hardy, Hardy Diagnostics CEO, with Sue Andersen, Marian President & CEO.

Hardy Diagnostics supports advanced laboratory equipment


Local medical device manufacturer Hardy Diagnostics recently made a significant $289,000 donation to the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation to support the purchase of advanced laboratory equipment. Thanks to the company’s generosity, how microbiology is conducted on the Central Coast will be transformed, ultimately providing better healthcare for our community.

“Hardy Diagnostics has maintained a positive relationship with Marian Regional Medical Center since the company’s inception in 1980. Marian was among our first customers, so we have a special sense of heartfelt gratitude towards their contribution towards our company’s growth,” said Hardy Diagnostics CEO Jay Hardy. “Now, our company is in a position that we can make a significant contribution towards Marian’s laboratory expansion program for the benefit of the people of the Santa Maria Valley. This equipment will play a vital role in the rapid diagnosis of disease. It gives us immense joy knowing that we can partner with Marian in their mission to provide superior healthcare in our community.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend great thanks to Jay Hardy and the entire Hardy Diagnostics family for this meaningful gift,” states Kevin Ferguson, MD, FASCP, Medical Director of Laboratory and Pathology Services. “Due to Hardy Diagnostic’s generosity, the Marian Laboratory will now be able to purchase highly specialized equipment not previously available on the Central Coast. The equipment will streamline the evaluation of microbiology studies, helping our laboratory scientists precisely identify microorganisms that may be causing disease in a shorter period of time. A more precise, faster identification allows clinicians at Marian Regional Medical Center to select the most appropriate antibiotics early, improving patient care and decreasing antibiotic resistance in the community.”

The specialized equipment, which includes a MALDI-TOF and Phoenix Analyzer, will allow the laboratory at Marian to evolve its services and advance capabilities far beyond other hospitals in the region. “I am immensely grateful to Hardy Diagnostics for donating funds towards our hospital’s equipment needs, which we would not be able to secure otherwise,” says Sue Andersen, Marian President and CEO. “Our lab will now be able to expand what we do in a way that will greatly benefit our patients and the local community.” Healthcare in our community will dramatically improve by creating faster results and more targeted, effective, and definitive treatments for patients. 

“We are excited about the chance to partner with Marian’s lab more in the future and to be able to conduct clinical trials locally,” said Andre Hsiung, Chief Science Officer at Hardy Diagnostics. "The new equipment will also create more opportunities for Hardy Diagnostics and Marian Regional Medical Center to partner on more scientific endeavors."

Hardy Diagnostics Tour with MRMC Leaders Several Marian Regional Medical Center leaders joined the Hardy Diagnostics team for an onsite laboratory tour.