Trauma patient and mother with Emergency Department physician and nurse

Zachery Gallagher

Life of trauma patient saved following serious motorcycle accident

On October 12, 2014, Shauna Durrwachter, arrived at Marian Regional Medical Center in a panic after her son, Zachery Gallagher, was in a serious motorcycle accident and was in critical condition. Zachery slid on concrete for 30 feet and was pinned under a van, requiring emergency responders to use the Jaws of Life to remove him.

Looking back on the experience Shauna states, “The high level of care that my son received was indescribable. From the physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, to the front entrance and cafeteria staff, they all brought my son a gift–some knew how to control his fever, heal injuries, and others knew how to keep me positive.”

Zachery was on life support for one month following the accident. He broke almost every bone in his body, suffered from a collapsed lung, head trauma, and experienced multiple surgeries and countless other healing hurdles to overcome due to his traumatic injuries. 

Shauna adds, “As I arrived at Marian, I knew this may be the last day I would see my son alive. What stuck with me was the kind and confident manner in which the staff responded to this situation. As my world was collapsing around me, an Emergency Department nurse, Macy, escorted me to see my son. Before I entered the room, she held my hand and walked in with me, offering the support I needed and making me feel as if everything was going to be okay.”

As a designated Level III Trauma Center, Marian provides patients with access to medical experts specializing in emergency resuscitation, surgery, and intensive care—elevating the level of care for all.

“On the day of my son’s accident, the medical professionals at Marian not only saved one life, they saved two–both Zachery’s and mine,” explains Shauna. “I was in the unfathomable position of possibly losing my son, but today he is alive and well against all odds.”

As Zachery’s story shows, the survival of emergency and trauma patients depends on the quality and proximity to lifesaving medical care. To learn more about the Marian Emergency Services Expansion Project, click here.


Shauna Durrwachter speaking at podium at Marian Foundation Annual Dinner 2015

A Mother's Gratitude

Trauma patient Zachery Gallagher's mother, Shauna Durrwachter, delivered a moving testimonial at the 2015 Annual Dinner about their family's life-changing and lifesaving patient experience.

 Watch Shauna's emotional speech