Margie Porreco in garden at Mission Hope Cancer Center

Cancer survivor Margie Porreco is seen inside the secret garden at Mission Hope Cancer Center, a peaceful respite patients and families can utilize before or after their treatment.

Reflecting on the Healing Work at Mission Hope: Margie Porreco

Residents in the Santa Maria Valley are blessed in numerous ways. Among these blessings are the supportive nature of the community and the growing amount of medical care found at Marian Regional Medical Center.

A longtime local resident, Margie Porreco has seen the area flourish and Marian grow alongside it. As a cancer patient, Margie has also witnessed the cancer care team in action providing high levels of treatment with routine compassionate care. She is one of seven children in her family with no history of cancer, so the development of cancer was unexpected. However, Margie received a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005, and she entered into medical treatment nervous and frightened. Thanks to the support of clinicians and loved ones, she was able to confront the disease.

She beat cancer once and several years later beat Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with the support of her husband Fred, family, friends, and the cancer care team. In 2012, she was diagnosed with a third cancer, basal cell carcinoma, and was blessed to have it removed. In the halls of radiation oncology at Mission Hope Cancer Center, patients who complete their final treatment are able to ring a bell that signifies the completion of their radiation treatment. Margie was able to ring the bell (not once but twice!) in celebration and victory after treatment. When asked about her outlook of gratitude, she responded, “People are so quick to complain. You need to share the positive with those who have made a difference. I feel so blessed to have been treated where we have everything in one spot. Patients often have to travel great distances but we have Mission Hope Cancer Center in our back yard!”

Hearing Margie’s stories of gratitude, her sister, who lives in London, was moved to donate to Mission Hope Cancer Center in Margie’s honor. If you would like to contribute to the healing work found at Mission Hope Cancer Center, please click here.